Sunday, August 28, 2016


We live in an typographic world, where typography exists all around us. In class, we discussed how your choices of typography that you enjoyed. We explored why you chose these fonts, how they were eye catching, and what they communicated.

Next, for homework we discussed how you were to find typography that fit your personality or style to create a typographical design using your name. Have fun being creative and expressive. Your typographical choices should reflect your personality. Here are some examples for the name Jackson:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Intro Typography!

Welcome to typography! We are beginning our adventure into the world of typography to compliment our exploration into digital design.

Typography is all around us. Ultimately, typography is the greatest expression of how art is communication. But what is typography exactly?


  1. 1:  letterpress printing
  2. 2:  the style, arrangement, or appearance of typeset matter

  3. Homework:

  4. I need you to find 3 examples of typography that you can put into a powerpoint that capture your attention. Be prepared to explain your choices.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Who are you?

The problem with doing most self-portraits for young artists is the same for old artists too. We are still figuring out who we are. Are we defined by our friends, our beliefs, or what we do? This isn’t a simple answer.

So a solution to this problem is figuring out what fictional characters do we identify with. The reason this is helpful is because if we identify with a fictional character, we can ask ourselves what about that character resonates with us. Do you ever feel the crushing pressure of responsibility as Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow? Are you the uneasy, humorful, but ultimately caring, FN-2187, from the Force Awakens? Maybe you see yourself as cynical, aloof, and strong as Jessica Jones?

We love television, movies, and videogames. As artists these types of media are fuel to our imagination. What we love about this entertainment that we need to contemplate is that it may reflect a part of who we are. Ask yourself what about that character’s story that you feel is also your own. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Find 3 Self Portaits

Find 3 self portraits that appeal to you. Save a copy of these images and write who the artists are. Now analyze why these pictures appeal to you. Are there trends that link the images? For example, are all the images you pick brightly colored or do they have pets in them. Find the correlations. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Self Portrait Introduction

Today we explored expressing who we are if we were completely mute. Another way to think of this prompt is to imagine if you were trying to communicate with someone who did not speak the same language. A universal way of communicating might be through art.

 Art is a visual language. What signs or symbols would you use to express who you are without the ability to speak? Draw an image or images that would relate who you are.

In addition, we in class today discussed Miyamoto Musashi. He was of Japan's most historically significant samurai. The samurai warriors traditionally also mastered another trade. Often their choice of mastery was artistic to be a balancing accompaniment to their perfection seeking with the bow or sword. Musashi, was a dedicated author and artist. This is an example of one of his self portraits.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Welcome students to Braden River Art's Blog!

In this blog you will be able to link to class assignments, find explanations of projects, gain access to reference materials, and advanced classes will be able to post assignments. I'm hoping this will further reflect the professional world and make your learning environment even better. 

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