Friday, August 19, 2016

Who are you?

The problem with doing most self-portraits for young artists is the same for old artists too. We are still figuring out who we are. Are we defined by our friends, our beliefs, or what we do? This isn’t a simple answer.

So a solution to this problem is figuring out what fictional characters do we identify with. The reason this is helpful is because if we identify with a fictional character, we can ask ourselves what about that character resonates with us. Do you ever feel the crushing pressure of responsibility as Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow? Are you the uneasy, humorful, but ultimately caring, FN-2187, from the Force Awakens? Maybe you see yourself as cynical, aloof, and strong as Jessica Jones?

We love television, movies, and videogames. As artists these types of media are fuel to our imagination. What we love about this entertainment that we need to contemplate is that it may reflect a part of who we are. Ask yourself what about that character’s story that you feel is also your own. 

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