Friday, May 19, 2017

Finish Testing and Social Awareness Images...

Now that you have finished your certification testing it is time to hit your Social Awareness Posters at full speed. Don't forget your process, and finish strong!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Certification Testing Time & Finishing Social Awareness Posters

Make sure that you are already you have already created a Certiport account so when we switch classes with Mr. Frank this week you have this step completed so you can get right to testing. Review your notes, and again if you have any questions about the test or Photoshop please...please...PLEASE... ASK MR. FERRELL!

We are still wrapping up our Social Awareness campaigns...
Our goal with our Social Awareness campaign is to maximize our impact.

It is critical that you just don't write what your topic is, but you show it graphically. I remember my editor always telling me at the newspaper," PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS LOOK AT THE PICTURES FIRST BEFORE THEY'LL READ!" So getting the picture to tell the story is critical.

Yes, the words and facts do matter, but you need to catch people's attention with the story. The image has to seamlessly work with the text. The one can't over power the other or your messaging won't be as effective.

 Take a look at this Diabetes awareness poster. The messaging, facts, and typography all perfectly work to sell the Snickers bar joke. Candy bars can definitely contribute to diabetes. So this harmony becomes very effective. Do you have this kind of harmony in your poster?

Whether you are doing Global Warming...

or animal extinction

or even autism...

We need to strive for messaging and visual harmony.

  1. Remove all the text, can you get a rough idea of what your topic is about?
  2. With the text put back in does the image adequately express what the text is about?
A key component to design is efficiency... How quickly can the viewer understand what the message is. It is imperative that you blind test this. Go to people unfamiliar with what you are trying to do and ask if they understand your poster. The goal is speed. The quicker someone understands the more effective your image is. You won't spend a long time waiting for a webpage to load, why would you care about someone's random poster?

Once you test your poster adapt to the feedback to get the strongest image possible!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Photoshop Certifications Process...

We should complete all four GMetrix practice exams for CC Photoshop 2015. The reason for this is not all the Photoshop Final Certification tests are the same. By completing all four you greatly enhance your chances of being prepared for the final Photoshop Certification exam.

When you have completed a test bring your scores to show Mr. Ferrell.

Questions you are getting consistently wrong you should write down and present to Ferrell so he or another student that Mr. Ferrell recommends can assist you in solving the problem.

More than likely you have the correct idea on how to solve the problem they are asking, but you are not doing it in the order the test wants. It's very important to figure out this order, because when we go to get you certified...if you do not follow the correct order or procedures then you will be marked wrong on the test.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is creating a conversation about a topic you care deeply about through your artwork. Often a social awareness poster is utilized to attempt to change people minds or make a persuasive visual argument.

It’s important to do research to make any argument. Arguing with facts gives you credibility, but persuasion doesn’t end there. You must also gage what people who don’t share your views think. Anticipating any counter argument could protect your ideas from challenges, and creating answers to those counter arguments can win over your audience.

So, what does Mr. Ferrell want from us?

First I would like you to pick a topic. Sometimes deciding between two topics can be easily solved by doing mind maps. Do you remember these?

Next, Ferrell would like us to do at least a one page paper exploring our topic. We need the facts! Make sure you create an bibliography MLA style so you have facts you can quote. In addition, Ferrell wants us to research counter arguments so that we can inoculate our visual argument from challenges.

  • Select a topic
  • Make a mind map
  • Research and write at least a one page paper based on your facts
  • Write a counter argument
  • Have a bibliography for your research and facts.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book Cover Rubric

11.   The dimensions for this project are width of 6 in. by 9 in in height.  This is the standard book cover size for the industry.

·        You may work larger and reduced back to those dimensions.

·         Suggested sizes if you work larger is to double or triple the original measurement so things remain in proportion. For example, you could work 12" by 18" or 18" by 27" depending on what works best for you.

·        Working larger can make your work look more detailed when made smaller.

22.       Make sure that your book cover design reflects all the basic art principles as defined by your syllabus.

33.       Type is voice… the typography is just as important as the image itself, and must fit seamlessly with the overall design concept. 

44.    Your final image must be reflective of the book that you’re presenting for.

Finish Tutorials 4 & 5

Due Date...

Book Project Cover Due Friday, March 10th.

Finish tutorials 4 and 5!