Monday, November 14, 2016

Commercial Art Boot Camp!

Hello there you dribble of paint! We are going to master the fundamentals. Unless you master the basics of digital painting you will be nothing more than a scuff on my dirt stained boot. 

How does light hit an object? Notice there are two different types of light sources. There is direct light which usually comes from the sun, lamp, moon, or flashlight. Then there is reflected light also called bounce light that shines from one surface to another.
We need to be able to paint the basics using value. So while this may be easy to draw...digitally painting this is can be quite difficult. It is important to understand that we keep the surface texture smooth. As much as we can mimic realistic textures the more we create believability for our audience.

The reproduction of these spheres not only demonstrates the power of Photoshop to handle different opacities with ease, but also allows for the artist to think about scale and atmospheric perspective. This creates believable depth for the viewer and mimics how distance appears to a viewer in real life.

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