Thursday, March 22, 2018

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is creating a conversation about a topic you care deeply about through your artwork. Often a social awareness poster is utilized to attempt to change people minds or make a persuasive visual argument.

It’s important to do research to make any argument. Arguing with facts gives you credibility, but persuasion doesn’t end there. You must also gage what people who don’t share your views think. Anticipating any counter argument could protect your ideas from challenges, and creating answers to those counter arguments can win over your audience.

So, what does Mr. Ferrell want from us?

First I would like you to pick a topic. Sometimes deciding between two topics can be easily solved by doing mind maps. Do you remember these?

Next, Ferrell would like us to do at least a one page paper exploring our topic. We need the facts! Make sure you create an bibliography MLA style so you have facts you can quote. In addition, Ferrell wants us to research counter arguments so that we can inoculate our visual argument from challenges.

  • Select a topic
  • Make a mind map
  • Research and write at least a one page paper based on your facts
  • Write a counter argument
  • Have a bibliography for your research and facts.

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