Saturday, April 29, 2017

Photoshop Certifications Process...

We should complete all four GMetrix practice exams for CC Photoshop 2015. The reason for this is not all the Photoshop Final Certification tests are the same. By completing all four you greatly enhance your chances of being prepared for the final Photoshop Certification exam.

When you have completed a test bring your scores to show Mr. Ferrell.

Questions you are getting consistently wrong you should write down and present to Ferrell so he or another student that Mr. Ferrell recommends can assist you in solving the problem.

More than likely you have the correct idea on how to solve the problem they are asking, but you are not doing it in the order the test wants. It's very important to figure out this order, because when we go to get you certified...if you do not follow the correct order or procedures then you will be marked wrong on the test.

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